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New Construction Homes

Che Residence

Home Completed in 2014

9222 Blackley

House Completed in Early 2016


9555 Pentland

Aerial View-Looks Nice!!!


12727 Alchester

Completed in 2016


19725 Gridley

Completed in 2016


1898 Santa Rosa

Craftsman Style one Story Home in Pasadena


12933 Droxford

House Completed Early 2017


Commercial Projects

Hutchinson Aerospace-Helicopter Room

Interior Commercial T.I.


El Monte Retail

Rehab of Exterior Store Front



Current projects-Construction Phase

1110 England-New Home Construction

1110 England-3D Rendering Front Elevation


437 W Center Drive-Multi Family Home Construction

437 W Center-North Elevation Street View



Listed are only some of the projects that we have done.  For clients’ projects that we did not list, please accept our apology, for we are proud of all of our projects, with each one having different challenges and satisfaction, unique to the project itself.   Our team thanks all of our clients for the wonderful experience that we enjoyed during the process of completing their project.  Many Thanks!!